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While the subsite concept is not new to e-government, our take on it is. We've developed a brand new templating strategy that can be managed within the eGov Manager to manage content for websites that need to be more marketing-based. In fact, this website is setup using that strategy.

For Community Marketing Initiatives  

No matter how comprehensive your government website design is, more and more communities are seeing the need to develop new, complementary site designs that have more of a marketing feel. 

Easy. Not only can our designers provide you with that unique marketing look, our website management platform (eGov Manager) is flexible enough to enable users to tailor different colors, images and page layouts.

Click on one of the website below to visit our website's "Slide Show" feature to view screenshots and learn more about some of the Marketing Subsites created for a few of our clients:

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"Our partnership with eGov was the best decision we could ever have made. eGov not only helped us design and achieve a beautiful and unique user-friendly website for our site visitors – they provided professional support and guidance every step of the way. ... Their expertise is invaluable in helping us maintain the standards expected of a local government website. Thank you eGov Strategies!"