The "egov" Brand About Us

We can't take credit for actually creating the term, but we can justify that we were the first team to use "egov" to market online access to government services. How can we prove that?


Back in 1996, the co-founders of eGov Strategies got their start in e-government creating the official website for the City of Indianapolis/Marion County - then known as - but now known as Indy.Gov.  

They had a vision to deploy not just an official government website - but to create the best government website in the country - with a focus on providing online access to government services and information. They did it - and won quite a few awards in the process - but it really wasn't that hard. Other than a few early initiatives by cities like Seattle and New York City, there wasn't a lot going on in the world of e-government. 

In an effort to brand their vision, the eGov Strategies co-founders set out to brand this innovative focus on online services as "egov". To that extent - they became the first registrants of the two respective domain names then available: and

When the co-founders left to start eGov Strategies - they took the "egov" focus on online services and incorporated it into their name - but because they bought the domain names for the City of Indianapolis, the domain names remained the property of the City of Indianapolis Mayor's Office. In the mid 2000's, the domain names were sold by the Mayor's Office to a private sector entity for a substantial profit.  

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"Our partnership with eGov was the best decision we could ever have made. eGov not only helped us design and achieve a beautiful and unique user-friendly website for our site visitors – they provided professional support and guidance every step of the way. ... Their expertise is invaluable in helping us maintain the standards expected of a local government website. Thank you eGov Strategies!"