Integration & eGov API Payments

Through the Enterprise Payment Portal and the eGov API, eGov Strategies has simplified the integration of account information and transaction processing data to and from your back-office systems.

Comprehensive Integration Strategy

The eGov Manager Enterprise Payment Portal platform enables clients to streamline the configuration of integration for payment items that require searching account information and presenting account information to users from back-office systems. By offering one single interface for integration, eGov can offer a solution that:

  1. Provides IT staff with a single integration strategy for presenting account information; and 

  2. Provides constituents with a single interface for accessing payment history information (receipts) and managing their outstanding bills.

Whether it’s using a flat-file integration or live data look-ups via web services to the eGov API, the eGov Enterprise Payment Portal can be customized to provide a range of functions to drive even the most complex payment portals imagined – utilizing data from your back-office systems. Features such as:

  • Presenting balance information and usage information (current and historical)
  • Presenting bills that replicate paper bills
  • Producing daily transaction files that can be seamlessly integrated into back-office systems

Client Examples

  • For more than half of the states in the US, we've used the eGov API to integrate to an IVR system to do fee lookup and transaction processing.

  • For one large city in the Midwest, we've integrated into their back-office systems to provide balance lookups for numerous payment items - resulting in a payment portal with more than 20 payment options.
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