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eGov Strategies offers cities, counties & agencies one of the most flexible, secure and cost-effective payment architectures available for local, state and federal government websites. This flexibility allows the eGov team to work with clients to create dynamic solutions that provide real cost savings.

The Industry's Most Robust Payments Platform 

The eGov Enterprise Payment Portal enables government entities to process electronic payments via multiple customer access points. Be it via the web, over-the-counter or through Interactive Voice Response technology (IVR), the eGov Payments system provides a central resource for deployment, management, monitoring and reporting. 

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The Enterprise Payment Portal provides real-time, comprehensive reporting features that are accessible for appropriate staff based on your governmental structure. The system comes pre-loaded with 10 standard reports. Custom reports are available and easily configurable by the eGov support team.

Some of the reports available include:

  • Transaction Report
  • Item Report - the individual payments in a shopping cart that may make up a single transaction 
  • Settlement Report 
  • Teller Report - view transactions grouped by the teller who took the transaction
  • Workflow Report - view the status of payments that have additional steps needed to complete
  • User Account Report - view the status of users and their e-billing and paperless settings
  • Budget Report - tie payment items to a specific line item in your budget
  • Merchant Account Report
  • Shipping Report
  • ACH Returns Report

Each report is accessible within the eGov Manager and can be downloaded directly to a user computer (in numerous file formats) for further analysis. 

Managing Payments 

The eGov Payments Administrator (or eGov Manager) is an advanced, web-based software solution designed for administering the Enterprise Payment Portal. Even if you're a smaller client and eGov will be configuring your payment environment - the eGov Payments Administrator makes it super-easy for eGov to configure and customize your payments website. 

Key features and functions include the following:

  • Create and configure payment items;
  • Configure integration & look-up functions;
  • Issue voids and refunds;
  • Manage users, their access level and notifications that they receive (e.g. for ACH Returns);
  • Review and analyze 10 standard transaction / payment item reports, including graphic and geographic data representations; 
  • Manage daily, weekly and monthly reconciliation for multiple departments / budgets; and
  • Monitor trends by collecting, synthesizing and reviewing complex payment data

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