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In our experience, these are some of the factors that ensure the success of website content management projects.

Success Factors for Your Website Initiative

  • Since more than 50% of traffic to your website is coming from mobile devices, designing all components of your website to be responsive is key

  • Working with vendors to integrate interactive services so that they match your existing website design; this will reduce confusion for your users and increase adoption of these time-saving solutions
  • In designing a new website, great photography and - increasingly, drone footage - is key to creating a website that reflects the character of your community

  • The challenge that most website managers face is having to work with web management software that is not easy to use…ours has “ease of use” designed in

  • Another challenge is ensuring that department administrators have the time to learn the content editing software and can think like an editor - this can be an issue that we address through our training tools 

  • E-Learning and ongoing training opportunities for all of your expected users should be readily available from your vendor - and the challenge of training should not be placed on your organization's webmaster(s)  
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More about Our Approach

“Working with eGov has helped Androscoggin Bank differentiate ourselves within a highly competitive government banking market by offering their online and over the counter credit card payment services (  Our municipal and school clients like the flexibility and variety of options that eGov provides.  The Bank has developed a great working relationship with eGov over the past few years, as well.”