Team eGov and E-Learning Our Approach

eGov provides online resources to ensure that customers get the training that they need to use the eGov Manager software to maximum advantage.

Focus on Ongoing Learning Tools

The Team eGov Community Site is a quick way to refresh or progress your skills related to using the eGov Manager software for web editing, managing service requests, sending out email notifications or accessing transaction reports.

Our interactive site features a wealth of learning options - suited for a variety of learning preferences:

  • Videos and web-based courses
  • Step-by-step exercises
  • Tips and Tricks

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Contact us to learn even more about some of the leading-edge strategies that will be available to you as you work with the various software solutions available from eGov Strategies.

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More about Our Approach

"Our partnership with eGov was the best decision we could ever have made. eGov not only helped us design and achieve a beautiful and unique user-friendly website for our site visitors – they provided professional support and guidance every step of the way. ... Their expertise is invaluable in helping us maintain the standards expected of a local government website. Thank you eGov Strategies!"