Interactive Services Solutions

The eGov Manager is a sophisticated digital platform for deploying a variety of e-government website solutions and interactive services.

Online Services for E-Government

For good reason, we don't "brand" ourselves as a Content Management system. The eGov Manager E-Government Platform enables you to not only manage information, but also online services. 

Just a few of the interactive services that can be integrated into your website - and in turn, are integrated into your Website Management system - are as follows:

  • Action Center - a constituent request management system that enables residents and businesses to complete online forms and provides the government with a work order management system to ensure that those requests are handled - and in a timely fashion. 

  • Map Builder - think of this as a happy medium between "Google Maps" and your GIS system. With the Map Builder, you can easily plot and draw locations, plot districts, draw routes - and enable a non-GIS programmer to manage the data. 

  •  Agenda Builder - publish your meeting documents to the web so that Council members and the public can have online access to the information that will be discussed at the next board meeting. Our system also enables you to integrate in YouTube videos and add bookmarks for easy access within the meeting agenda.

  • Custom Lookup Databases - have a need to present information in a searchable fashion? Reach out to us - we can develop the system and a constituent interface that will meet your needs.  

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More about Solutions

“Working with eGov has helped Androscoggin Bank differentiate ourselves within a highly competitive government banking market by offering their online and over the counter credit card payment services (  Our municipal and school clients like the flexibility and variety of options that eGov provides.  The Bank has developed a great working relationship with eGov over the past few years, as well.”