Enterprise Payment Portal Solutions

The Enterprise Payment Portal enables government organizations to process electronic payments via multiple customer access points - web, IVR and over-the-counter. Payment items can be easily configured and customized to support various uses and reporting is unified across the enterprise.


The next frontier in e-government hinges on the creation of efficient means for managing online, and in-person constituent-government transactions. Just as it has in responsive design, eGov leads the way with a centralized payment processing solution that seamlessly integrates into your website design.

eGov’s Enterprise Payment solution is a fully-integrated transaction management portal that delivers a seamless e-commerce experience to constituents and a simple-to-manage administrative platform that creates myriad operating efficiencies and reduces resource consumption across the organization.

The Enterprise system includes robust functionality that can be implemented as a complete system or piece-by-piece as the features fit the organization's plans.

  • Payment Processing: accept and manage payments across multiple platforms (over-the-counter, mobile, phone, IVR and online) and payment methods (cash, check or credit/debit card)

  • Live Reporting & Trend Monitoring: collect, synthesize and respond to detailed constituent data; fine-tune service delivery and tailor personalized communication

  • Permits, Licenses and Registrations: clients using the eGov Payment Center collect payments for building permits, program registrations and much, much more!

Components of eGov's Enterprise Payment Portal can be designed to integrate seamlessly into your existing website or be designed in a "portal" fashion to aggregate payment items around a common design. With eGov's experience in designing for the web, we can match your vision as you see it.

Advanced Features

  • Electronic Bill Presentment & Payment (EBPP): Cost-eliminating paperless bill delivery, account management and payment processing; ideal for both utility bills and property tax payments

  • E-billing: automated push billing and renewal alerts across digital platforms (e-mail and SMS)

  • Page- and Form-editing capabilities: eGov can design your portal so that you have the ability to update and manage content using our front-end edit capabilities. Staff users can be configured so that they have the ability to customize payment form names, fields, confirmation messages and more ... 

  • Strategic Integration: back-office integration with hundreds of existing systems and processes; custom implementation for cross-agency operation

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