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If you haven't gotten access to Team eGov yet, contact us today to unlock a wealth of resources, learning exercises, tips and tricks and more.

Team eGov 

Team eGov provides access to tutorials on using the eGov Manager to update content, manage online services and manage your website's payment functions. You can also find helpful Tips and Tricks and Exercises that will enable you to learn how to perform common functions quickly.

Login to team eGov at For any login issues, please coordinate with Nicole Miller at

Reporting Issues and Making Suggestions

Use the "Assistance" area within the eGov Manager (last entry in the left-hand navigation) to report an issue or request a feature.  You will receive a confirmation message and this will create a support ticket with the eGov Support team.  

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"eGov Strategies is great to work with.  They are always so responsive and thorough when addressing any of my questions or concerns.  They have worked with us to upgrade and redesign our website twice - which is very tedious - but they manage the process seamlessly so it is not overwhelming."