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Whether it be help with reporting or trying to find the right way to publish your website content, our Support team is here to help. This team also can get you started with Team eGov - an e-learning resource for eGov Manager users.

eGov Support Overview

The Support team at eGov Strategies is a cross-functional team that provides support and ongoing learning initiatives for current clients. Just a few examples of solutions that we've created for customers include:

  • Supporting E-Learning and the eGov Community site for on-demand training
  • Handling support requests via 1-800 support line and email
  • Assisting customers to complete on-line payment transactions by phone

Key Contact

Email eGov Support at or call us at (877) 634-3468 x2. 

Current clients can also access the Team eGov Community site at

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More about About Us

“Working with eGov has helped Androscoggin Bank differentiate ourselves within a highly competitive government banking market by offering their online and over the counter credit card payment services (  Our municipal and school clients like the flexibility and variety of options that eGov provides.  The Bank has developed a great working relationship with eGov over the past few years, as well.”