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Our digital e-government platform offers a wide variety of solutions - from website management to citizen engagement to constituent request management. We've assembled a team that employs a strong emphasis on planning, an efficient implementation process and a government-architected software solution.

Website Solutions Overview

The Website Solutions team provides website design and wide range of solutions for managing website content and interactive services (like email notifications, reporting service requests, etc.). Just a few examples of our website management tools include: 

  • Site-wide website management with easy-to-use Front-End Edit
  • Service request management for reporting potholes, submitting FOIA requests, starting/stopping service 
  • Responsive design for both website content and interactive services (e.g. online payments)

The Website Solutions team includes a strategic consultant and a dedicated project leader - both with extensive background in technology and experience in e-government. The process 

  • Development of an eGov Roadmap to identify and guide transition of new and existing content
  • The efforts of eGov's leading-edge UI designers - leading experts in responsive design
  • Ongoing e-learning and on-deman training opportunities through eGov's Team eGov Community site

For More Information

Trent Ward is the eGov National Account Manager for Website Solutions. Trent works with a team of experienced eGov professionals with years of e-government experience to assemble a unique solution that differentiates your community and streamlines internal operations. 

Contact Trent Ward at (317) 644-6717 or by email at

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