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Our payments solutions streamline the revenue collection process. We offer a variety of models and features for the smallest cities to the largest counties. Our team has a depth of experience in providing the right solution that is unparalleled in the e-government software space.

Payment Solutions Overview

The Payment Solutions team provides a wide range of payment processing solutions customized specifically to the needs of clients from the smallest (population 500) to some of the largest municipalities and counties in the country. Just a few examples of solutions that we've created for customers include:

  • Bill lookup, presentment and payments for County Treasurers and Utility Companies
  • Lookup systems providing current balance due for multiple tax payment types for Taxing Districts 
  • Program registration for Parks Departments
  • Calculation of sophisticated discounts and late fees for Receivers of Taxes
  • Child support portal for paying by web and IVR across multiple states for a national systems aggregator
  • Tax payment portal - facilitating payments to multiple government entities - for several regional banks

The Payment Solutions team is comprised of a seasoned team of project managers, software developers, financial analysts and network architects that work together to provide a robust, scalable and customizable solution. Key components include: 

  • Requirements and agile development process to ensure the right outcomes
  • Payment solution developers and integrators to deploy and tailor our solution
  • Dev Ops for ensuring high-bandwidth, high-availability software
  • PCI Level 1 Compliance team
  • Payments release team that provides training and ensures a smooth website rollout 

Key Contact

Geoff Kehrer is the eGov National Account Manager for Payment Solutions. Geoff works with a team of experienced eGov professionals with years of e-government experience to assemble a unique solution that differentiates your community and streamlines internal operations. 

Contact Geoff Kehrer at (303) 437-4733 or by email at

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More about About Us

“Working with eGov has helped Androscoggin Bank differentiate ourselves within a highly competitive government banking market by offering their online and over the counter credit card payment services (  Our municipal and school clients like the flexibility and variety of options that eGov provides.  The Bank has developed a great working relationship with eGov over the past few years, as well.”