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Responsive design is a design technique that optimizes the web page viewing experience across all devices. eGov Strategies pioneered the use of responsive design within the e-government website design marketplace.


Responsive design is a website design methodology aimed at creating dynamic websites that provide an optimal viewing experience - easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling.

Click on one of the website's below to visit our website's "Slide Show" feature to view screenshots and learn more about some of the pages created for a few of our website design clients:

Algonquin Home Page      Pineville Home Page

The technology optimizes the web page viewing experience across a wide range of devices (from mobile phones to tablets to desktop computer monitors), including:

  • PCs
  • Laptops
  • Tablet PCs
  • Smartphones
  • Other Mobile Devices

Responsive design is supported across all types of content and services managed via the eGov Manager - e.g. pages, documents and events, payment websites, service request forms, etc.

Washington IL Responsive Design

Design Strategy

eGov delivers an intuitive content organization and website flow that reflects the most important visual features of the client community / brand and offers the user an effortless browsing experience across devices. Features include:

  • Robust "Mega Menus" for easy site navigation - editable within the eGov Manager

  • Rotating photo banners on key pages like the home page, departments, divisions and topics  

  • How Do I elements that aggregate Documents, Events, Services, Locations added by various departments so that they can be filtered and accessed by type (e.g. forms and applications for documents)

  • Content and site navigation optimized to support the latest ADA-Compliance standards  
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"Our partnership with eGov was the best decision we could ever have made. eGov not only helped us design and achieve a beautiful and unique user-friendly website for our site visitors – they provided professional support and guidance every step of the way. ... Their expertise is invaluable in helping us maintain the standards expected of a local government website. Thank you eGov Strategies!"