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The eGov Manager is the first integrated, database-driven content management system for local and state government websites. With citizen-facing applications and easy-to-use front-end edit capabilities, its unique government-focused architecture streamlines the presentation of government information and makes it easy for elected officials, public information officers and department staff to engage their constituents.


The eGov Manager E-Government Platform enables clients to leverage innovative, mobile-friendly design techniques with an easy-to-use website management system. The result - a one-stop shop for managing website content, managing a slew of interactive services, connecting with constituents and integrating transaction-based government (payments). 

Features of the eGov Manager E-Government Platform include the following:

  • The first database-driven content management system for local and state government
  • Utilizes a proprietary Government Content Management architecture
    (and hundreds of content modules that come standard)
  • Intuitive content organization
  • WYSIWYG, front-end quick editing
  • Fully-integrated Google Maps API
  • Content and document management with built-in transparency controls
  • Context-level Language translation
  • Service & Staff Directory
  • Geo-coded Locations & Facilities (with reservation / registration control)
  • Events Calendar
  • Meeting Management system
  • Emergency Alerts
  • Analytics and Data Center (for website and associated modules) for tracking and trend-monitoring
  • Document Center
  • Advanced Action Center CRM
  • ADA Compliance 
  • Digital Workflow tools
  • Social Media Publishing and Citizen Engagement portal

No other government content management system is as feature-rich, deeply integrated or easy to use as the eGov Manager.

Easy Front-End Edit Capabilities

Time is a premium for every local government employee. For this reason, websites designed by eGov Strategies can be easily updated and edited via a powerful Front-End Editing utility – a feature of the eGov Manager. This editing capability enables staff to make changes to the sections of the website to which they are authorized quickly, easily and securely via:


Front-End Edit

Advantages of the Government Architecture

The eGov Manager is unique among most e-government Website Management Platforms because it was designed exclusively for government websites. Thus, when creating a website, the steps include:

  • Creating “Departments” for each of the organization's Departments

  • Creating “Divisions” for each of the Boards/Commissions that need a presence within the website

  • Creating “Topics” and "Subtopics" for additional constituent-friendly pages within a Department or Division

This approach enables the eGov system to aggregate departments across the website and divisions within a department. Each of the various structural elements listed above is represented on the Public Side of the website as a “Page”.

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“Yavapai County selected eGov Strategies through a Request For Proposal process and due to their competitive rates and positive feedback from our departments, we keep renewing our contract with them each year.”