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The eGov Manager is the first integrated, database-driven content management system for local and state government websites. With citizen-facing applications and easy-to-use front-end edit capabilities, its unique government-focused architecture streamlines the presentation of government information and makes it easy for elected officials, public information officers and department staff to engage their constituents.


The eGov Manager E-Government Platform enables clients to leverage innovative, mobile-friendly design techniques with an easy-to-use website management system. The result - a one-stop shop for managing website content, managing a slew of interactive services, connecting with constituents and integrating transaction-based government (payments). 

Features of the eGov Manager E-Government Platform include the following:

  • The first database-driven content management system for local and state government
  • Utilizes a proprietary Government Content Management architecture
    (and hundreds of content modules that come standard)
  • Intuitive content organization
  • WYSIWYG, front-end quick editing
  • Fully-integrated Google Maps API
  • Content and document management with built-in transparency controls
  • Context-level Language translation
  • Service & Staff Directory
  • Geo-coded Locations & Facilities (with reservation / registration control)
  • Events Calendar
  • Meeting Management system
  • Emergency Alerts
  • Analytics and Data Center (for website and associated modules) for tracking and trend-monitoring
  • Document Center
  • Advanced Action Center CRM
  • ADA Compliance 
  • Digital Workflow tools
  • Social Media Publishing and Citizen Engagement portal

No other government content management system is as feature-rich, deeply integrated or easy to use as the eGov Manager.

Easy Front-End Edit Capabilities

Time is a premium for every local government employee. For this reason, websites designed by eGov Strategies can be easily updated and edited via a powerful Front-End Editing utility – a feature of the eGov Manager. This editing capability enables staff to make changes to the sections of the website to which they are authorized quickly, easily and securely via:


Front-End Edit

Advantages of the Government Architecture

The eGov Manager is unique among most e-government Website Management Platforms because it was designed exclusively for government websites. Thus, when creating a website, the steps include:

  • Creating “Departments” for each of the organization's Departments

  • Creating “Divisions” for each of the Boards/Commissions that need a presence within the website

  • Creating “Topics” and "Subtopics" for additional constituent-friendly pages within a Department or Division

This approach enables the eGov system to aggregate departments across the website and divisions within a department. Each of the various structural elements listed above is represented on the Public Side of the website as a “Page”.

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"eGov Strategies is great to work with.  They are always so responsive and thorough when addressing any of my questions or concerns.  They have worked with us to upgrade and redesign our website twice - which is very tedious - but they manage the process seamlessly so it is not overwhelming."