Agile Development Our Approach

Our focus on agile development provides a software platform that can be enhanced and customized in a manner that includes the customer and ensures a quality outcome.

Agile-Based Development Process

Gov Tech Article on AgileFor several years now, eGov Strategies has deployed an agile development methodology for managing both the rollout of enhancements to the eGov Manager E-Government Platform - but also to manage custom development efforts for both Payment and Website Solution clients.

At the core of this approach are the following principles:

  • Early and continuous feedback from Clients

  • Scheduling and delivering functionality in bi-weekly sprints

  • Continuous refinement of requirements

In 2018, Government Technology profiled eGov and its client the Town of Hempstead, NY after completion of our payment processing / e-billing project for the Long Island community. 

Key Quote from Government Technology Article

"What it all adds up to is a greater likelihood that a project will be done on time, doing what it needs to do and avoiding unexpected hiccups along the way.

But agile is not an approach often used at the local level of government. In fact it’s probably not very common at any level of government in the U.S., though there has been movement at the federal and state levels to give agile methodologies a try."


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More about Our Approach

"eGov Strategies is great to work with.  They are always so responsive and thorough when addressing any of my questions or concerns.  They have worked with us to upgrade and redesign our website twice - which is very tedious - but they manage the process seamlessly so it is not overwhelming."