COVID-19 Communications

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In an effort to enable our citizen engagement clients to prepare communications associated with the current pandemic, eGov Strategies has developed the following suggestions for providing information about the Novel Coronavirus on local government websites.

As always, feel free to email us if you need any assistance configuring your website.

1. Create a New Department
  • Under Structure within the eGov Manager, create a New Department that can be used to centralize information.
    • Assign the Department to one of your Department Types (e.g. Officials or Departments, typically)

  • To find the URL of the new page that you created, do the following:
    • Make sure that the new department is ACTIVE (if you copied an existing department, the page would be inactive by default)
    • In your website main navigation, choose Departments or Officials (based on the type assigned)
    • Your new Department will be listed on this page

Note that you can still publish information via Breaking News and to your home page, but this can be an additional section within your website for Coronavirus-related information.

2. Edit the Department Description

  • Format a Title w/ H3 in the HTML Editor (Format > Blocks > Heading 3) to title the page (Coronavirus Updates from Your County or City)
  • Use the description to provide general information about how your organization is working to coordinate activities within the community. Also list any key contacts or websites that they may want to use for more information. Keep the home page relatively short and use topics, divisions or documents to provide more detail - then link to those pages. 

  • Use the News & Notices content window within the template to provide the latest news. Use the Events content window to promote public meetings or notify visitors of cancellations.

  • When adding content, be sure to associate it to key sections of your website, including:
    • Home Page
    • Coronavirus Department
    • Health Department
    • etc.
3. Promoting Your New Section 
  • If you want to promote this new section of your website for the foreseeable future, create a Breaking News item or News & Notices item for your home page and use a date in the distant future (e.g. 12/31/2020) and that will ensure that the news item remains at the top of your feed until you remove it. 

  • If you want to configure a "friendly URL" (e.g. like, email us at and we can configure that for you quickly.  

  • We can also advise you of other ways to feature this page - or other departments like your County Health Department - on your home page. Just email us at and ask.  
4. Create Additional Pages as either Topics or Divisions for the Department 
  • For example, create a section for "Related Links" where you link to local, state and federal resources regarding the Coronavirus.

Thank you for being a valued client - eGov Strategies LLC