Enterprise Payments

eGov Strategies offers a suite of payment solutions that integrate to your back-office & legacy systems to provide advanced functions for bill payers.


Every feature of eGov’s Enterprise Payment Portal has been built to integrate with the unique existing infrastructure of your operation. It integrates with legacy financial systems, cutting-edge SaaS-based solutions and can replace home-grown processes to consolidate transaction processing for constituents, department staff and the IT solutions group.

Our leading-edge approach to integration provides your IT staff with one single approach for integrating transaction data with one system and using a singular approach for presenting balance and bill information to constituents based on various look-up parameters. Our system integrates with legacy financial systems, cutting-edge SaaS-based solution APIs and can replace home-grown processes.

An Enterprise Approach

The eGov Enterprise Payment Portal enables clients to streamline the configuration of integration for payment items that require searching account information and presenting account information to users. By offering one single interface for integration, eGov can offer a solution that:

  1. Provides IT staff with a single integration strategy for presenting account information; and
  1. Provides constituents with a single interface for accessing payment history information (receipts) and managing their outstanding bills.

Payments Integration

Integration Types

eGov has developed integrations of the following types:

  • Web Services - eGov utilizes web services to interface to third-party APIs in order to push and pull information to a back-office system
  • Direct Database Connection - eGov is directly connect to third-party financial software
  • Batch - eGov configures an SFTP file transfer that updates information to third-party financial software

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