Why eGov?

The eGov Advantage means the most powerful e-government architecture available and a team of experienced e-government professionals.

Save Time & Money

Eliminate Data Entry

By completely moving many permits and licenses "to the cloud", you can move responsibility for data entry to the person applying for the license or permit. Permits and licenses that are great candidates for online application include the following:

  • Garage sale permits
  • Business licenses
  • Animal licenses
  • Contractor licenses
  • Open burn permits

Reduce Mailing Costs by Making Bills More Accessible


Enable your customers to manage their accounts and receive bills electronically via email thus enabling government offices to directly reduce printing and mailing costs. Our system provides a turnkey solution for bill presentment and automates the registration process for constituents to access any type of bill online. Great candidates for our bill presentment and payment solution include:

  • Utility Billing
  • Property Taxes
  • Restaurant Licenses
  • Business Licenses

Reduce Phone Calls by Integrating to Back Office Systems

Whether it's enabling online access to licenses or preparing a map of upcoming garage sales for your public website, eGov offers numerous options for plug-and-play integration. Our integration approaches can range from automated data transfers that reduce the burden on your back-office systems to full integrations that interact live with production systems. Savings include significantly reducing phone calls and enabling constituent "self service". Great candidates for integration include:

  • Property Tax records
  • Inmate records

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