Enterprise Payments

eGov Strategies offers a suite of payment solutions that integrate to your back-office & legacy systems to provide advanced functions for bill payers.

Funding Models

The eGov Enterprise Payment Portal is unique in that the software & services provided by eGov to facilitate bill presentment & payments for government websites can be financed either via: 

  • Service Fee Model - eliminate monthly merchant service bills and pass credit card processing fees onto users of the system; 


  • Absorbed Fee Model - eGov software fees & credit card processing fees are paid by the local or state government agency

Service Fee Model

In a service fee model, users of the payment system are charged a “service fee” for select payment transactions that are completed. Typically, the service fee can be implemented either as a percentage of the transaction or as a flat fee (e.g. $ .50 per transaction).

This additional charge generally goes to eGov to cover costs incurred from the payment processing for credit and debit card processing charges (e.g. from Visa, MasterCard, Discover, etc.), for the vendor’s software license, for implementation costs and for ongoing software maintenance and support charges.

Understanding Service Fee Processing

eGov Strategies and TransFirst are pleased to provide our Service Fee program for government merchants looking to accept credit cards but do not have a budget for the costs associated with processing credit card transactions. With eGov’s Service Fee program, all processing costs can be passed to the cardholder making the payment. See Below for VISA’s updated (April 2014) rules and regulations Service Fee Government and Education Payment Program. You can also find this document here:

Absorbed Fee Model

In an absorbed fee model, the local or state government agency can deploy payment center items to their website that do not charge the constituent ANY ADDITIONAL FEES. This model significantly drives adoption of the various online payment methods – eliminating data entry and decreasing customer service costs.

In this model, the client is charged either a monthly or annual subscription fee or a one-time licensing fee and annual recurring software maintenance and support fees. In addition, the client pays the various payment processing charges associated with running credit card, debit card and e-check transactions. These are billed on a monthly basis by merchant services providers. 

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