Open Data

With e-government's most advanced API set, eGov Strategies can offer a suite of solutions that are standards-based and ready for 3rd-party applications.

What is an API?

Traditionally, web pages, databases or content servers are programmed to talk to a single system - say your website. For example, PHP pages and a few related style sheets control presentation of your content to website visitors.  Efforts to allow other systems (like an iPhone app) to talk to something like your permits database requires one-off efforts of intense programming.

An API allows you to open up - or expose – your data in a way that makes it accessible to any number of devices outside of your website - or even rich internet widgets within an existing website (like a content area on your website that includes documents or events). In effect, an API becomes the language by which 3rd-party developers can create applications by leveraging content available within your website. 

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