Enterprise Payments

eGov Strategies offers a suite of payment solutions that integrate to your back-office & legacy systems to provide advanced functions for bill payers.

Features & Functionality

eGov Strategies offers cities, counties & agencies one of the most flexible, secure and cost-effective payment architectures available for local, state and federal government websites. This flexibility allows the eGov team to work with clients to create dynamic solutions that provide real cost savings.

Enterprise Payment Portal

Create a one-stop shop for the payment of fees, fines, licenses, permits, taxes, registrations. Deploy a single strategy for your organization for creating payment forms, integrating to back-office systems, processing payments, payment reporting and reconciliation! 

Bill Presentment & Payment

Enable customers to sign-up to receive email notifications when their bill is available and view their bill and account information online.

e-billing CitizenFeatures for constituents include the ability to:

  • Receive bills via email
  • Manage accounts online
  • Setup recurring payments
  • Receive reminders
  • Update profile information

e-billing-staffFeatures for staff available within the eGov Manager include: 

  • Creating payment forms & managing page content
  • Customizing the look of forms, pages & emails
  • Sending bills and reminders
  • Tracking the status of e-bill delivery (including e-bills opened)
  • CRM functions to review user interaction 

Paperless eGov

Create a page for your website that centralizes registrations for simple permits and licenses - like garage sale permits, business licenses and more. Select license information can be made available to constituents via citizen-facing applications (like the Business Directory or an interactive map) or can be downloaded by department staff as needed.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

eGov’s Payment engine is fully-integrated with Interactive Voice Response technology allowing constituents to complete payments by phone by calling a toll-free phone number and using the touchpad on their phone or mobile device.

The IVR system is entirely customizable and managed by eGov’s development staff in coordination with the appropriate local government staff. Through partner inContact, eGov and its clients can develop, implement and adjust complex call flow procedures via interactive web application.

Point-of-Sale (POS) Payments

The eGov Payments system enables municipalities to processes electronic payments via multiple customer access points, including over-the-counter. eGov Payments’ over-the-counter functionality is powered by the industry-leading eGov Manager (content management platform) and has been developed to be easy to use for administrators and municipal staff of all skill levels.

The Counter Module of eGov Payments allows controlled access for appropriate staff users to:

  • Accept and process payments via cash, check, e-check, credit card and debit card
    • This includes immediate server-side verification of all entered / swiped credit card information to protect against fraud
  • Deliver immediate printed and / or emailed payment receipt and confirmation to payers
  • Issue refunds
  • Review and analyze 10 standard transaction / payment item reports, including graphic and geographic data representations
  • Manage daily, weekly and monthly reconciliation for multiple departments / budgets
  • Monitor trends by collecting, synthesizing and reviewing complex payment data

Advanced Reporting

eGov Payments is equipped with live comprehensive reporting accessible for appropriate staff by access-level security. The system comes pre-loaded with 10 standard reports. Custom reports are available and easily configurable by eGov Development Experts.

The system integrates with hundreds of back-office solutions with seamless configuration powering complex data analysis, trend monitoring and cross-departmental reporting. No matter the complexity of your enterprise operation, the Enterprise Payment Portal can scale to deliver unmatched service.

eGov Payments includes 10 types of standard reports that display data in tabular, graphic and geographic formats:

  1. Transaction Report - view submitted transactions (view entire shopping cart).
  2. Item Report - view transactions by the items in each transaction (view item in shopping cart individually).
  3. Settlement Report - view transactions grouped by settlement batch. This report is useful for reconciling bank deposits with individual transactions as it relates to the timing of deposits.
  4. Teller Report - view transactions grouped by the teller who collected the transaction.
  5. Workflow Report - view the status of items in their assigned workflow.
  6. Deposit Report - view items grouped by deposit account. This report is useful for reconciling bank deposits with individual transactions.
  7. User Account Report - view information about user account subscriptions, recurring payments, etc.
  8. Budget Report - view items grouped by budget item.
  9. Merchant Account Report - view items grouped by merchant account.
  10. Shipping Report - view the shipping status of items.

Each report is accessible via the web – in the eGov Manager - and can be downloaded directly to a user computer (in numerous file formats) for further analysis.

Payment Center Reporting

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