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Enterprise Payment Portal

The best way to save money within your agency and to better serve your constituents is to provide your constituents with the ability to make payments for government services online. But if you don't have a unified approach for all of your payments, you may be misdirecting your constituents to websites that have a different look-and-feel, aren't user-friendly and require your users to create yet another registration.

Enterprise Payment Portal Features

  • Completely integrated to the look-and-feel of your website
  • Enable constituents to see all payment options - sorted by name, type or department
  • Enable constituents to view and receive bills via e-mail
  • Enable constituents to create a user account for quick access to bills and receipts
  • Integrate to back-office systems with one standard strategy either via batch files or live integration
  • Consolidate reporting and reconciliation functions

For more information, visit the Payments section.


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