Our Approach

eGov Strategies is a unique software company with experience derived from working with governments and within government.


A comprehensive government website based on the eGov website architecture evolves very quickly and grows almost exponentially because of the sophisticated interactions of the various eGov components. Thus, it's difficult to provide estimates like - "we will create 50 pages ..." because documents can be batch uploaded, locations can be associated to multiple department and division pages and events can be created in a recurring fashion.

Content Migration Estimates

eGov provides clients with an estimate of hours that it will take to configure your new website - rather than an estimate of pages. Our estimates are very accurate and only in rare cases do we have the need to go back to the project leader and ask for additional hours to be budgeted for the project. We also utilize batch upload processes for publishing documents and events to the website - which can dramatically build out content with very little actual processing time.

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