Our Approach

eGov Strategies is a unique software company with experience derived from working with governments and within government.

Website Design

The goal of our Website Design process is to provide you with a website design that reflects the character of your community. Our design approach is flexible - we can work with existing designs and designers or provide a unique design based on several meetings with client staff. Key aspects of our website design process include:

  • Government Design Best Practices - we generally begin the process asking the project leader to review "best-in-class" designs with other team members; and

  • Design Roadmap - after discussing your preferences based on viewing the best practices, eGov will create a Design Roadmap that outlines goals for key template pages and key decisions regarding logos and photos.

Design Principles

  • Focus on the customers' needs before launching a project
  • Document client input and summarize for approval and consider each site a unique implementation
  • Incorporate local images in design to reinforce and promote the community/customer identity
  • Avoid clutter on any web page, keeping it simple to read
  • Provide multiple pathways to content so users are not required to know the structure of government
  • Content must be accessible to all users, regardless of disabilities and include ADA requirements (like contact information on every page)
  • Language must be non-technical
  • Site should be optimized to provide maximum transfer speeds for users

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