Open Data

With e-government's most advanced API set, eGov Strategies can offer a suite of solutions that are standards-based and ready for 3rd-party applications.

Open Data

Open Data provides eGov Strategies and its client base with the opportunity to expand access to data available within back-office systems. Open data applications aggregate these datasets in a way that can provide tremendous value to constituents and government decision-makers. The eGov Manager platform facilitates this open access in a unique way through the eGov API, the eGov Markup Language and eGov Web Services. 

Open Data Initiatives

Open Data projects underway by eGov Strategies include: :

  • Aggregating and categorizing new data along with data from back-office systems;
  • Making it available via datasets for use by eGov & third-party developers;
  • Facilitating the creation of open data applications for both citizens and government staff

- all with the purpose of creating predictive analytics for better decision-making by residents, businesses, government administrators and elected officials.

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